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Seamless solutions for vehicle registration

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation will guide you seamlessly through the SPEKS registration process. SPEKS (Sistem Penghubungan Elektronik Kenderaan berSepadu) is a system for e-Daftar, NIK (‘Nombor Identifikasi Kenderaan’), e-Excise and Vehicle Allocation modules. This system provides a web-based application that enables seamless communication between the manufacturer, distributor, and dealers with KDRM and JPJ.

E-Daftar is an online vehicle registration process offered by the JPJ. It includes the following steps:
1. The manufacturer's vehicle details and NIK registration are submitted to the JPJ.
2. The vehicle dealer initiates the e-Daftar process as part of a completed sale.
3. The dealer forwards the required information according to the "JPJ Form K1" to the distributor, who verifies it if necessary. Some distributors allow dealers to submit the data directly to JPJ without verification.
4. After verification, the distributor electronically submits the information to JPJ through the e-Daftar system. The data is transmitted within a few seconds and processed by JPJ.
5. If the registration is successful, both the trader and the distributor receive confirmation from JPJ and the trader can print JPJ K1 from the system.
6. With JPJ K1 and the relevant documentation, the dealer can register the vehicle at a JPJ branch or MySikap kiosk.
A unique number assigned by JPJ to a new vehicle to control fraud cases during the registration process.
An initiative by KDRM to fulfill two main services:
1. Excise endorsement
Enabling online submission of vehicle information by car manufacturers to KDRM for endorsement purposes.
2. Excise Payment Services
Enabling electronic transmission of excise duty payments to KDRM by concerned parties/ dealers.