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The value of speed:

Our world is changing very rapidly. Each day brings something new — at times it’s a challenge, other times an opportunity. The key to success is being able to respond quickly.

POIS is to strive to respond to customers’ needs quickly with the quality services it wants to provide, backed by knowledgeable, highly-skilled people and appropriate solutions

The value of people:

It is crucial to build a group of knowledgeable, highly-skilled people that can be deployed quickly to deliver the identified services.

The value of partnership:

It is also equally crucial to forge long-term, strategic partnerships with solution providers to deliver the identified services quickly for the benefit of customers.


About POIS

POIS has extensive and exceptional track records with more than 30 years experience in the ICT industry. The company’s achievement includes deployment of large-scale integration projects both in the Government and private sectors.

Over the years, POIS have formed strategic business partners and alliances with major players in the ICT industry as a result of the company’s outstanding accomplishment.

In 2015, HP recognized POIS’ success when the company was awarded with HP Intel Desktop Partner Growth Partner (2014) for Top Performing Silver Partner; Malaysia and HP PPS Partners Appreciation Night for Top Commercial Desktop Partner FY14 – Public Sector and Recognition of Outstanding PPS Achievement of USD3million of FY2014.

In 2016, POIS embarked into new ventures for corporate growth and expansion. From an ICT expert, POIS has expanded into various business directions such as Green Technology for PORTS, Ports Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), Transport Management and Business Consulting Services. The expansion has widen POIS business footprints, creating partnerships with global and local companies.

POIS’s eProcure will help to provide business solutions which is easy to use but customizable according to your business needs

Our Product Offerings

What we do best

Green Technology

  • LED lightings Solutions

  • Energy Management System

PORTS Solutions

  • Terminal Operating System

  • Container Depot Operations System

  • Gate/Vehicle Booking System


  • Scada

  • Reefer Monitoring Technologies



  • Electronic Procurement System

  • Business Intelligence

  • Connectivity and Networking

  • Data Centre and DRC

  • ERP

Transport Management

  • Vehicle Management System

  • GPS

  • eLogistics

  • Delivery Pick-up Optimisation System

  • Total Tyre Management System (TTM)

Business Consulting Services

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Change Management

  • Business Transformation

  • ICT Blueprint

  • Technical Training

Healthcare Solutions

  • Hospital Information System (HIS)

  • Clinic Management System

  • Mental Health Mobile Application

  • Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)

  • Medical Devices

Digital Agriculture

  • End to End I-Plantation Systems

  • Mobile Application - Grading System

  • Drones for Agriculture

  • IOT and AI Analytics for Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our Services

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In line with Malaysian Government’s towards the development of Green Ports Policy to become an environmentally-friendly and commercially viable by reducing its carbon emission, POIS is committed to deliver LED lightings to ports in Malaysia.

LED Lights are proven to be more efficient than traditional lighting as they consume less energy, have longer lifespan than traditional lightings and ultimately proven to be cost savings. With the right lightings, your company is looking at annual cost savings, which will not only reduce your expenses but also save the environment at the same time.

For LED Lightings, POIS have established partnerships with renowned LED suppliers, which are CLC SINTECH GROUP (China), and Advance Optronic Device Malaysia (AOD). Together, we aim to provide the best products and services to our clients that will benefit your company in the long run. We offer complete solution advice from site visits, preparation of proposals, proof of concept programs (POC), delivery, installation and support & maintenance.


  • Streetlight
  • Tunnel Lighting System
  • High Mast Lights
  • Tube Lights
  • High Bay Lights


  • Quay Crane Lights
  • RTG Lights
  • High Tower Lights
  • Walkway Lights

Why are we different than our competitors?Apart from providing high quality products, here at POIS, we understand that each client have different needs; therefore we are here to tailor a solution that is customized to meet and deliver the specific requirements of our clients.

For electronic procurement system (eProcure), POIS have partnered with the developer and operator of the electronic procurement system; Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd (CDC), for the Government of Malaysia known as ePerolehan System (eProcurement System) for Ministry of Finance (MOF). The ePerolehan system is one of the largest marketplaces in the world with more than 30,000 Government users and 150,000 suppliers throughout Malaysia. With more than 15 years experiences, CDC has successfully transformed ePerolehan from being just an end-to-end electronic Government procurement system to one of the key contributors towards achieving national aspiration.

As a leader in the eProcurement industry, POIS believed that the partnership with CDC would play a crucial growth and development of both companies; by delivering world-class e-procurement solution to our clients.

POIS have successfully conducted Proof of Concept (POC) at various Ports under MMC Group. We believe that our eProcure system would transform our clients procurement system and reap the benefits from the implementation of the eProcure.

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POIS Terminal Operating System (TOS) is a highly integrated TOS platform that provides end-to end coverage of the entire terminal operation. POIS TOS optimizes Yard Operations, Yard Equipment Pooling, Resource Management, Value Added Management (i.e. Gate, CFS and M&R Operation Statistics & Analysis Report Document Management EDI & Web Service Billing & Customs). In compliance to the needs of both container terminals and multi-purpose terminals entire operation is managed under a single integrated umbrella through integrated planning, operation, Electronic Data Interface and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard reporting as well as predictive analytics.

Optimisation of Gate System for Ports and Depots. Port congestion is one of the biggest challenges faced by ports and depots globally. Long truck queues, container re-routing, congestions at the ports and depots, POIS understands the challenges faced by ports and depots operators in managing truck and container traffic, especially during peak hours. POIS has designed an integrated technology solutions to provide inter-connectivity between the industry supply chain partners and ports or depots, to optimise management of resources, improvise business efficiency and reduce operational costs.

IoT “Internet of Things”: The Rise of Big Data in Ports and Terminals. The impacts for businesses that do not make the best use of Big Data analytics vary from business to business. In the case of Ports and Terminals operators, it is imperative to embrace this revolutionary Big Data Analytics solution to optimise existing operations. For example, in the area of preventative maintenance, the ability to harvest and monitor sensor data to predict when a part might fail, as opposed to using the standard manufacturers recommended maintenance period, could result in maintenance savings or avoiding unexpected catastrophic failure events. Understanding, aggregating and consolidating this information across vessels and parts providers could provide valuable insights that would be difficult and could be impossible to perform, in the absence of big data technology. POIS expertise and more than a decade track records implementing major mega Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) has develop remarkable best practice solutions to cater to the needs of Big Data analytics as well as IoT for our clients.

Modernisation of Network Infrastructure Solution for Ports and Terminals – Our Niche Solution. POIS offers Ports and Terminals Operators advancements towards a new era of providing high quality products and services, using the most advanced IT communication solutions and technology. We are committed in assisting our clients in modernizing their network infrastructure, guarantee availability, high-speed data rates, and capable of supporting any future need as well as shielding against network threats. We will offer requirements analysis - designing of project implementation, solution blueprinting as well as supply and installation of the required equipment including Internet routers, firewall protection, switches, transition services to the new network, training services to network operators at the client sites and support services during the initial period of the productive operation.

ICT Services: Incorporated in 1988, POIS Sdn Bhd have a strong and established footprint in the ICT Industry in Malaysia by providing core competencies in System Integration Services, Networking Technology Solution and Services, Maintenance & Repair Services to its clients all over Malaysia.

Our ultimate goal is to provide ICT solutions and services at the highest level of quality and professionalism to ensure customers’ satisfaction at all times. The completion of multiple projects successfully for both public and private sectors is an affirmation of our satisfied clients and partners. POIS have had the opportunity to serve and provide quality products and exceptional services to various Government Sectors such as MINDEF, MARA, DBKL, BOMBA, Hospital Kuala Lumpur and many more; is a testament that POIS is a preferred solution provider in the ICT industry.

POIS bring together state-of-art ICT products and services, Infra solutions and best breed of partners, best practices and professional services to integrate systems for customers. We optimize the performance of your IT to ensure improved business performance, innovation and productivity. POIS as a versatile technology leader provides a full array of IT solutions and services primarily for Public Sector, Healthcare and Container Ports, Airports and Logistics Industry for over decades.

Today POIS have established solid relationship with World Class ICT principles and providers such as Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Qlik, HPE and allows our clients to leverage on POIS trusted vendor management and value chain for world class technical and commercial support. The strategic partnerships we have established over these years which include high engineering and technical skills coupled with quality service delivery capabilities of POIS will help our customers benefit from the high level value added in both products and services offered by POIS to our clients.

Business Consultancy Services.At POIS, our company offers real, comprehensive and sustainable services, which will help steer your company towards the right business directions and strategies. Equipped with talented and highly knowledgeable employees, we are committed in providing your organizations with a clear competitive advantage with proven techniques and methodologies for success.

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